Watching Over the Old Growth Forest

We recently had arborists come to the Garden and meet with members of the committee about our forest’s needs. After walking through, it was discovered that seven dead trees needed to be removed as they posed danger to the walking paths. Several other dead branches were pruned off of trees that were also seen as potentially dangerous. As an Old Growth Forest, the well-being of our trees is very important to us, and keeping our forest clear of dead growth allows our trees to stay healthy. This kind of work is only possible through the generosity of our community. Now, we hope to continue this work and keep our Garden healthy!

Piles of Progress UPDATE

The chipping process has begun! The piles of limbs gathered from the earlier cleanup are being chipped so they can be recycled as path cover and used to protect against additional invasive species growth. The process is ongoing, and we hope to have more information on the results soon.


Piles of Progress

Last November, we had a major brush cleanout courtesy of John Critz and Tilting Windmill Landscape Design. The Garden had many of its invasive species cleared away and piled up to provide a much more open space within. Today, you can see the many piles of the cleared brush scattered around the Garden which will soon be cleared and chipped to reuse as a cover for the walking paths throughout. With this move, we will be prepared for our busy Spring and to bring new things to our beloved Garden.